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Business Essentials for Writers & Small Publishers

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A few more words about this course

Business Essentials for Writers & Small Publishers is based on and expands the material from Business Essentials for Writers by James P. Nettles ( The course is sixteen modules designed to give the student fundamental and actionable business tools, principles, and processes built around the five core pillars of business, and develop a personalized high level business plan.
This course attempts to fill the knowledge gaps that modern people have in classical art, as these are the very foundations of any modern artistic creation.

It covers the fundamentals of the publishing industry, plus:
  • The people you will work with in the business, and opportunities to find work
  • Building the foundation of your business so all the parts can work together
  • Paths to publication, from Indie to Big 5
  • Problems in the publishing industry, and how you can use them to your advantage
  • Sales, Marketing & Branding - build your sales engine!
  • How money works in the business, and why it's important to know
  • This class include a lot of bonuses, and downloadables to get you going! 

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This class is based on the book Business Essentials for Writers & Small Publishers

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Do you need to sell more books? Do you want to make money from writing?Are you trying to make your living as a writer and struggling?Are you a writer looking to get to the next level in your career?Are you looking to use being an author as a way to further your business, and your career? Business Essentials for authors is your business 101 guide for the publishing industry, whether you have never published at all or are looking to take your professional career up a notch in an easy to read and conversational way.
The book covers the five pillars of business:
•Meet all of the people and jobs in the publishing industry, and how they fit together.
•Building the foundation of your business and career, including paths to publication (New York publishing, small and mid-tier presses, and self-publishing), answering the burning question, what is an author platform and how to create yours, and how to develop your plan.
•Understanding sales and marketing in publishing, how and where to sell books, and developing your personal and author brand.
•Establishing all of the operational side of any business from contracts and intellectual property, working with different tools and technologies (including social media), and how to design and build your website.•Learning how money works as an author, basic accounting, and making more money.
We look at all this and more from a long-term strategic view, how to get the plan done, and the mindset to make it all work.

James P. Nettles III

Writer, Speaker, Consultant
Jim Nettles grew up in small business, and has a long career in business & technology consulting, and working with business owners. He's been writing since a few weeks after being hatched in an evil geniuses lab, and writes on everything from privacy, data security, futurism, and entrepreneurship to science fiction, fantasy, horror, contemporary, and who knows what else. 
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