Crafting Criticism

If you love film, you also likely love talking about film.  You may even want to write about it.  But doing so is more than just a simple matter of providing your own personal opinions--especially if you're interest is in genre film.  This course will provide you an overview of film criticism as well as an overview of genre film within the context of film history.

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A few more words about this course

Whether you are interested in writing film criticism or you are a creator who wants to understand the role that film critics play in the lifecycle of a finished project , this class is perfect for you.
In Crafting Criticism, you will learn:
  • The difference between reviews and criticism
  • A guide to key movie critics and why they are important
  • Film history, and where science fiction and horror fit in it
  • A guide to writing effective reviews and criticism

Derek Austin Johnson

Film Critic.  Author.
Derek Austin Johnson has lived most of his life in the Lone Star State. His work has appeared in The Horror Zine, Rayguns Over Texas!, Horror U.S.A.: Texas, Terror Tract, and Campfire Macabre. He lives in Central Texas.
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