Queerness in Fantasy

In a time where representations of the LGBTQIA+ spectrums are more sought after than ever, speculative fiction must do its part to portray queerness in the best ways. In this course, we will discuss what that looks like in the fantasy genre and how creators can add this to their own works.

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A few more words about this course

This course will discuss queerness (LGBTQIA+ people and culture) in the Fantasy genre and how creators can push beyond the stereotypical norms of queer fantasy to create more nuanced characters.
Throughout this course students will:

  • Develop a basic understanding of gender and sexuality related terms
  • Investigate representations of queerness in the fantasy genre
  • Workshop their own queer character(s)
  • Understand best practices for crafting nuanced queer characters in the fantasy genre.

Marcus Haynes

Author, Educator, Scholar
Marcus Haynes began writing his own stories at the age of nine, creating characters who reflected his life experiences. Ever since then, he has used his love of fantasy and greater speculative fiction to show how genre fiction impacts its audiences and create stories to show that fantasy protagonists can be more than just straight, blonde-haired, blue-eyed men or boys. 
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