Screenwriting 101

Joe will teach you how to write an original screenplay, the proper formatting, the do's and dont's that readers and studios look for, designing with a 3 act structure, breaking the rules or going outside the box without tipping over the apple cart, and where and how to go about getting your screenplay in the right hands when you are all done. 


Starting date

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9 weeks



A few more words about this course

Learn screenwriting from an industry professional.
Throughout this course you will learn about:

  • Screenplay formatting
  • The art of telling stories for screen
  • The skinny on festivals
  • Jobs you can obtain in the field
  • And more!

Joe Compton

Filmmaker.  Screenwriter.  Instructor.
Joe Compton is an Independent Filmmaker of 4 short films and Author of 4 books. Joe has worked on over 40+ films and television shows in various capacities in 5 different countries. While in Hollywood, shopping a feature film, Joe managed to keep steady work in the film industry as a script doctor and story consultant for 16 months. Joe runs an online network called Go Indie Now which covers all Indie artists and promotes and highlights their art through various LIVE and recorded shows. Joe has shot, edited, produced, and hosted nearly 1500 hours of content that streams over YouTube, Facebook, IGTV, TikTok, and Twitch.  Learn more at
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