Frequently asked questions

Are there any requirements?

Speculative Fiction Academy students must be at least 18 years old. 

Classes are online so students must have the ability to view videos, read course material, and write and turn in assignments.

What genres will be offered at SFA?

Students have their pick of:
  • Fiction     
- Fantasy     
- Horror     
- Science Fiction
-Supernatural Romance
  • Creative Writing Principles
  • Film and New Media
  • Creative Non-Fiction and Non-Fiction
  • Business

Mix and match - students are not required to remain in any track.

How will classes be taught?

There are three ways to learn at SFA:
  • Core classes - These classes are comprehensive subject reviews where you learn "how-tos" from active professionals in the field.  These classes are 8-10 weeks.
  • Deep Dives - These classes are short and intense!  Dive deeper into subject matter in these 2-5 week classes.
  • Individual Sessions - Learn from the pros in one-time sessions.
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